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Drug Testing and Screening - Background Check Services

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STATswab Saliva 6-panel Drug Screen Test
Item#: SSB-168-25

Using saliva is a clean, simple and fast method of drug screening. The specimen can be collected at any time or place while the donor remains under observation, making the test virtually tamper-proof. Since the collection method is much less invasive, it is not as embarrassing for the donor. This test device is fully integrated, meaning everthing that you need is all in one tube. Simply unscrew the top, place in the donor's mouth, return the swab to the collection tube, screw the top down and wait to read your results in 5 minutes!


Case Lot of 25 Tests

  • Fully Integrated
  • Simple
  • No Additional Steps to Activate
  • Observable
  • No Restroom Needed
  • Test for 5 to 10 drugs
  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Lab Confirmation Ready

The STATswab™ Saliva Test is the fastest and simplest oral fluid test on the market today! This test is perfect for pre-applicant hiring and for at home use. This test will give you tremendous savings over your usual lab-based urine testing. And it provides results immediately, saving you time when a decision needs to be made in a hurry.

Drugs Tested:
Brand: STATswab
Your Price: $206.25
Shipping: $9.50
For Forensic Use Only

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